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We could tell you how much better it is to have our lightning-fast fiber internet, straightforward pricing, and local support. But telling is one thing, and doing is another. Find out why we’re the go-to provider for reliable and affordable high-speed internet for 14,300 of your friends and neighbors (we’d love to make that 14,301).

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Internet done better...way better.

With speeds from 400 Mbps up to 6 Gig (6,000 Mbps), we have the perfect plan for everyone, from first-time homeowners to device-happy families and basic users to self-proclaimed techies. Plus, our internet comes with built-in virus, malware, and cyber threat protection and the ElevateIQ app, giving you the ability to set screen time limits, block unsavory content, change your Wi-Fi password, and control what devices get the most bandwidth. Even better, though, is everything our internet doesn’t come with – no contracts, no data caps, no rental fees, and no pricing games.

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Smiling couple using laptop for online shopping
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Simple and reliable.

Watch your favorite shows and movies on the same Elevate Internet connection that brings you the best high-speed broadband. Select from three unique packages to meet your TV needs—Locals, Expanded, or Extreme. Plus, enjoy 100 hours of DVR, stream on three devices at the same time, watch video-on-demand, replay TV, and get access to a whole host of other free features.

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Let's talk. Elevate phone is here.

Get unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling and advanced features, all for one price with Elevate Internet’s home phone service. It acts just like your traditional home phone but uses your Elevate internet connection for clear and reliable calls 24/7. And don’t worry, we make the switch easy by letting you keep your current phone number.

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Bike shop owner with arms crossed standing in his workshop surrounded by bicycle tools and spare tires

We mean business

Elevate for business.

No two businesses are alike, and we embrace that. Elevate is here to understand your business goals and needs and offer advanced communication solutions that let you run your business your way, whether it’s just you or 500 employees.

No Contracts

We believe loyalty should be earned, not forced.

No Data Caps

We hate data caps. Enjoy unlimited fast internet.

No Surprises

Just fair, transparent pricing and service.

Beyond close, we're here

As part of your electric co-op, DMEA, our roots in this community run deep, spanning more than 85 years—and we're not going anywhere. At Elevate, we’re committed to providing warmth and reliability through local support. We're here, ready to offer the personalized assistance you've come to expect and deserve. Let's keep our community connected, with service that's truly local.