Elevate installer installing fiber on a pole

About us

Our Story Starts with Local Commitment

Because this is our home too.

We think all great companies and efforts start with a great story. And we’re pretty proud of ours because it all starts with you. Most likely, if you’re reading this you are a member of Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA). You might not know you’re a member, but if DMEA powers your lights, fridge, curling iron, or microwave, you are.

It was members, like you, who came to DMEA asking for help. Although we have a variety of internet service providers in our two-county region, the speeds are abysmal, customer service is poor, and the investment in infrastructure for reliability and growth is non-existent. That means, for people like you, the internet was slow and unreliable.

So, you approached DMEA about expanding its fiber optic network to provide high-speed internet to the homes and businesses in our communities. You spoke. DMEA listened. Hello, Elevate high-speed fiber internet in rural America!

Elevate Brought the Western Slope REAL Rural Broadband

Now, Elevate is bringing a new standard of technology and customer service to the world of high-speed internet. We offer the fastest internet speeds on the most dependable fiber optic network in the country. But who cares about all the techy mumbo-jumbo stuff, right? All it really means is that we’re ready to give you the best high-speed internet around, including powerful WiFi, reliable phone service, and TV streaming.

So, thank you for making this all possible! We look forward to being the best internet service provider in Montrose and Delta counties. That’s our local commitment.