Elevate Internet Announces Plan to Bring Fiber Internet to the City of Delta

May 2, 2024

Access to multi-gig Elevate Internet starting as soon as Summer 2024

May 2, 2024Elevate Internet has officially announced plans to build its fiber-optic network in the City of Delta, providing access to its world-class multi-gig internet for every home and business in town. The much-anticipated move into the City of Delta comes on the heels of the local fiber broadband provider securing enough grant funding to bring fiber internet to more than 95% of Delta-Montrose Electric Association’s members. 

“Our cooperative roots mean we have always focused on DMEA members first, but that doesn’t mean Delta and its citizens are getting left behind. Delta is a keystone community in our region, providing essential services to everyone inDelta County. With the construction of our network within city limits, we can celebrate the fact that all major communities in the region will have gig internet and beyond. No more digital divide!” said Jack Johnston, ElevateInternet President/DMEA Chief Executive Officer.

For thousands of city residents, this announcement brings with it the end of subpar internet service and access to unprecedented internet speeds up to 6 Gig (6,000 Mbps) from the only locally owned and operated fiber broadband provider on the Western Slope.

“Elevate is a grassroots movement born from our communities’ determination for better internet. You came to DMEA looking for a cooperative solution and have been the catalyst for all our success and growth to date. We are proud to say we are100% local, and when you choose Elevate, your dollars stay right here in the local communities. There are no far-off investors just looking to make a profit,”said Johnston.

ElevateInternet will begin construction within the Delta area in June 2024, with high-speed internet, phone, and television service becoming available as early as August 2024. The community will be built in five phases according to the following timeline:

Reconnect 3 North Delta August 2024
City of Delta Phase 1 Fall 2024
Delta East Late Winter 2024
Delta West Late Winter 2024
City of Delta Phase 2 Spring 2025

Residents are encouraged to find their zone by preregistering for service at elevateinternet.com. When construction is complete, consumers can subscribe to internet speeds from 400 Mbps for $54.95/month up to 6 Gig (6,000 Mbps) for$189.95/month. Elevate Internet also offers home phone and television, plus robust business internet and phone solutions. More information is available at elevateinternet.com or by calling 844-386-8744.