Network News February 2024

February 1, 2024

Elevate’s Monthly Construction Update

Elevate is expanding its 100% fiber network into many new areas over the next few years. We're working hard to bring fiber to every corner of DMEA's service territory so all our community members can access the nation's fastest and most reliable internet. Read on for our monthly construction progress report.

Click here for our 2024 construction forecast and beyond!

Or, read on for our monthly construction progress report to see what areas are coming soon!

Service available

Our network construction is complete, and Elevate internet, TV, and phone service recently became available for residents in the following zones:

  • Reconnect 2 Zone 10 – Southwest of Olathe as of 1/23/24

If you're unsure if your home is in this area, check out our online map. You can also quickly search your address at to find out whether service is available at your home. Enter your address and hit GO!

Service coming soon

We are in the final stages of constructing our fiber network in the following areas:

  • Reconnect 2 Zone 9 – West of Olathe
  • Greater Gunnison Gorge 9 – Bostwick Park area
  • Greater Gunnison Gorge 10 – Cimarron area

In construction

We are currently building our underground and overhead fiber optic network in the following zones. During this phase of construction, our crews will be trenching or boring for our underground cables, and the ground and dirt will be disturbed within our rights-of-way. Crew members will also use bucket trucks or climb power poles to complete overhead line construction.

  • Reconnect 2 Zone 8 – West of HWY 50 between Olathe and Delta
  • Reconnect 2 Zone 7 – West of HWY 50 between Olathe and Delta
  • Reconnect 2 Zone 11 – Far west of Olathe, near Roatcap Gulch
  • East Mesa Grant East – Rural areas east of Olathe
  • East Mesa Grant West – Rural areas south and southwest of Olathe


Pre-construction includes the prep work that may need to be completed on DMEA's electric grid before Elevate can install fiber cables. This work includes tree and vegetation management, pole replacements, moving equipment or wires, and installing fiber equipment throughout the community. The length of time it takes to complete pre-construction can vary significantly. The following areas are currently in pre-construction.

Grant funds awarded

Elevate, in partnership with our parent company, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), has had the honor of receiving almost $61 Million in state and federal grants to help build our fiber network to some of the most rural reaches of our territory. Below is a list of areas we have secured funding to build, and while engineering design is underway, construction has not yet begun.

  • Reconnect 3 Cedar Mesa
  • Reconnect 3 Flat Top
  • Reconnect 3 Grand Mesa
  • Reconnect 3 Grandview Mesa
  • Reconnect 3 Hwy 92
  • Reconnect 3 Lazear
  • Reconnect 3 North Delta
  • Reconnect 3 Redlands Mesa
  • Reconnect 3 Rogers Mesa
  • Reconnect 3 Somerset
  • Reconnect 3 Surface Creek
  • South Cimarron
  • Waterdog
  • Rural Montrose
  • North Delta

Please view our online map to see where these areas are located!