5,264 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to 2024 & Beyond

December 11, 2023

Over the next two years, Elevate will build its fiber optic network in some of the most rural reaches of Delta-Montrose Electric Association’s (DMEA) territory. We’ll construct 600 plus miles of fiber in both Montrose and Delta counties, bringing access to world-class internet service to 5,264 new homes and businesses.

We knew from day one (and yes, we know that day one feels like a lifetime ago for those of you still waiting) that building more than 3,000 miles of fiber to provide affordable high-speed internet to our communities would be a hefty lift. And it has been. We have learned a lot over the years, sometimes building our network faster than planned and others much slower because of governmental red tape, weather, and terrain. You’ve stuck with us through it all and have shown us unwavering patience and support. The end is in sight.

With our current grant funding, our construction pipeline is full for the next two years. When that construction is complete, 95% of DMEA members will have access to Elevate Internet. That’s great news, but two years is still a long time to wait, and we recognize it’s hard to know precisely when your area might be ready.

Below is our anticipated construction plan for the remaining zones. As you review this information, we have one request. Please know these time frames are our best-educated guesses. Some of these dates will likely change – some may be delayed, while others are ready early.

Zone Construction Begins Service Available
Greater Gunnison Gorge 9 – Bostwick Underway! February 2024
Greater Gunnison Gorge 10 – Cimarron Underway! February 2024
Reconnect 2 – Zone 10 Underway! February 2024
Reconnect 2 – Zone 9 Underway! March 2024
Reconnect 2 – Zone 8 Underway! April 2024
Reconnect 2 – Zone 7 Underway! June 2024
Reconnect 2 – Zone 11 Underway! July 2024
East Mesa West Underway! Summer ‘24
East Mesa East Underway! Summer ‘24
South Cimarron Summer ‘24 End of Summer ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 1 – Cedar Mesa Summer ‘24 Fall ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 1 – Grandview Mesa Summer ‘24 Fall ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 1 – North Delta Summer ‘24 Fall ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 1 – Surface Creek Summer ‘24 Fall ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 1 – Flat Top Summer ‘24 Fall ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 2 – Hwy 92 Fall ‘24 Winter ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 2 – Lazear Fall ‘24 Winter ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 2 – Redlands Mesa Fall ‘24 Winter ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 2 – Rogers Mesa Fall ‘24 Winter ‘24
Reconnect 3 Phase 3 – Grand Mesa Summer ‘25 Fall ‘25
Reconnect 3 Phase 3 – Somerset Summer ‘25 Fall ‘25

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information about when you’ll get Elevate, be sure to do the following:

  • Search your address at elevateinternet.com to find out which zone our home is in.
  • Follow our construction blog at https://elevateinternet.com/network-news. We post more detailed timelines and zone statuses every month.
  • Make sure you have signed up your interest, so you receive an email as soon as service is available. After you search your address, enter your information, tell us what services you might be interested in, and submit!

But what about the remaining 5% of DMEA’s members? Bringing fiber to these last few homes will take a combination of additional grants and company-funded construction. And while you might think the remaining areas must be in the far-flung reaches of our counties, they’re surprisingly not.

These homes are in small pockets scattered across the co-op’s service territory, many just outside city limits. They have been challenging to reach because state and federal funding agencies require us to carve them out of grant applications because they consider them already served. Queue your internal frustrated scream.

But once work wraps up on the grant projects, our next goal is to design the network extensions and identify the budget needed to ensure that 100% of DMEA can get Elevate.

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