BPeterson Design, Montrose

May 16, 2019

BPetersonDesign Quadruples their Business with Elevate Internet!

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Small Business

Do you or someone you know operate a small business? Chances are the answer is yes. Local business is knit into the very fabric of our communities from feed stores, coffee shops, silversmiths, and your favorite breakfast joint. Around every corner there is a small business powering, clothing, feeding, and entertaining us.

And as with any small business, the most challenging part can be the sheer number of hats that owners must wear. Maintaining the roles of CEO, accountant, customer service rep, IT guru, supply chain manager, salesman, marketing director, all the while mastering their craft, is a juggling act that at best be challenging but more likely is totally exhausting.

However, what if we told you that there is another small business eagerly waiting to help Western Colorado’s small business owners in their precarious juggling act? BPetersonDesign, the brain-child of Janae and Ben Peterson, was born out of a passion for small business and a desire to help owners breathe easier by bridging the gap between technology, strategic marketing, and the daily grind of owning and operating a business. With help from BPetersonDesign, the brewer can get back to brewing; the silversmith back to smithing; and the coffee shop back to perfecting your morning espresso!

BPetersonDesign was a home-grown start-up in 2008 in the business of repairing and building computers. Barely 10 years later, it is a thriving full-service IT and marketing agency with 2 locations (and 3 more locations rolling around in Janae’s head, including at least one beach location).

Currently BPetersonDesign employs a staff of 8 marketing professionals in Montrose including a web designer, a digital marketing specialist, photographers, a drone pilot, and a graphic designer.

Thanks to Elevate’s strong and secure connection, BPetersonDesign can now locally host business email, websites, and cloud storage for their clients, a feat that was physically impossible before fiber internet. In small business terms, they are your one-stop shop for GoDaddy, Outlook, Dropbox, and all things marketing. Additionally, the speed, performance, and reliability provided by Elevate allows Ben to resolve issues before his clients even notice them, and it even helps him get small businesses ranked #1 on Google. Yep, you heard that right. But to find out more, you are going to have to give them a call at (970) 901-1469.

For Ben and Janae, each client is an opportunity to help them make their dreams a reality. IT and strategic marketing are BPetersonDesign’s craft and mastery. So, get back to the parts of your business that you love and let Ben and Janae’s team handle the parts of business that they love.

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