Jason Martin: Giving You the Business

December 7, 2023

Get ready to embark on a journey to the information superhighway with none other than Jason Martin, your trusty guide to the world of fiber internet for businesses. From retail mom-and-pop shops to hospitals, Jason has assisted Delta and Montrose County businesses in moving from the dreaded buffering circle into the universe of high-speed internet, sprinkling in his signature blend of approachability and knowledge.

Q: What is your title, and what do you do?
A: I am the Technical Sales Executive. I talk to Delta and Montrose County businesses about what speeds and configurations would be best for their needs, and I help them with the switch to our service.

Q: What is the process involved in setting up a business with internet and phone service?
A: First, I discuss the business's internet use with the owner or manager and match them with a service that will provide everything they need. I perform an initial site survey to determine a fiber path from outside the building to where equipment will be placed. Once we have locations approved by the business, our installers set up equipment, turn on the service, and answer any questions the staff has. After service has been turned on, I follow up with a call to make sure everything is satisfactory.  

I also work with business owners or managers and their IT and phone integrators on the best way to make the switch to our service with minimal impact. With careful planning and coordination, we can make the switch with zero downtime.

Q: If your job were a movie, what would the theme song be?
A: I've got a few!

Q: What is your favorite office or field tool you use in your job?
A: I have a big hook I can use to open the underground boxes (handholes) that contain our fiber to verify conduit and fiber is present. This helps me give the customer an accurate date for when we can get them active. When I see conduit there and ready to go, it just makes my day.

Q: What superpower does Elevate bring out in you?
A: I have a background in both construction and technology, kind of a strange mix but invaluable in this position.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: I enjoy connecting businesses I frequent; coffee houses, breweries, restaurants, and shops. Every time I stop in, I can check in with them about their service and performance. While I'm there, I usually do speed tests to make sure it is where it should be.

Q: Tell us your best customer story.
A: A new business moved into town and was completely surprised there was fiber available. New to the area, they were also shocked that there was no charge to extend the fiber to the building underground to get them an active service. They told me they were hesitant about relocating to the area, but after moving, they knew they made the right choice.

Q: What is your theory on Gigfoot?
A: She does exist!

Ready to merge your business onto the fastest internet network around? Let Jason help guide your business to an internet experience that'll leave you wondering why you ever settled for less. Learn more here or call 844.386.8744.

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