Smart Homes Powered by Elevate Internet

May 4, 2021

Getting the Most from Your Internet

We buy birthday presents for our best friends on Amazon, jam to Bob Seeger on Spotify while making spaghetti and meatballs, and stream old “Seinfeld” episodes too late into the night. The internet is completely integrated into our lives, but are you getting the most out of it? With lightning-fast Elevate internet, your home can be smarter than your fifth grader.



You’re all snuggled up with your sweetie, streaming yet another episode of “Schitt’s Creek,” when you realize it’s just a little cold. You could snuggle in tighter, or, you could change your home temperature from your phone, without missing a single move. Smart thermostats, such as Nest, allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling through an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. You can control your home’s temperature while you’re away and even get alerts about your heating and cooling system. 


Sound System

What’s an evening at home without a good soundtrack? There are a variety of smart speakers on the market, from stand alone to whole-home systems that can be controlled right from your smart phone. Each system is going to have a unique app that pairs with your devices. Have a Yamaha system? You’ll love the Yamaha AV Controller, available for iOS and Android.


Voice Assistants

When it comes to smart homes, voice assistants have been seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your home, so everything you need is on the tip of your tongue. Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are top-notch systems designed to make every aspect of your life easier: all with voice command. Want to know Friday’s weather? How many appointments you have today? Highlights of the Bronco’s game? Just say, “Hey, Alexa….”



Monitoring your home from inside or afar has never been easier. Most security systems like ADT and SimpliSafe have accompanying apps that allow you to arm and disarm your alarm and get mobile alerts when sensors are triggered. Some plans even allow video surveillance, all from your phone on your Elevate internet connection.


Wi-Fi Control & Monitoring

With Elevate, you have endless ways to control your home settings, but what about your Wi-Fi itself? Introducing the Elevate Giga-Pod, powered by Plume HomePass: an all-inclusive home Wi-Fi system that controls all of your wireless settings from the HomePass app. Adaptive Wi-Fi from your Giga-Pod ensures you have the same wireless power in your office or your basement. Parental controls keep your kids safe; from the Plume app you’ll be able to restrict access to any content. And let’s talk security: you can block suspicious activity and devices, block SPAM sites, and prevent phishing and other fraud. 

There are more ways than ever to make your home smart. Want to set a robot vacuum to tidy up the living room from the comfort of your porch? It exists. Want to set your crock pot to low so your stew can simmer while you’re at work? Check out this brand. Want it all? Apps like Samsung’s Smart Things combine many smart features in one. They’ll make sure the front door is locked and the bedroom lights are off, all one simple app.

Questions on how to connect your smart home to Elevate internet? Contact our customer support team at 844.386.8744.


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