Elevate Partners with Paonia Bread Works

November 10, 2021

Stronger Together

The first time I had the pleasure of visiting Paonia Bread Works was almost four years ago, and I happened to be there to interview Olivia King, the current owner of Sugar Fix Doughnuts.  Chris Jacobson, the owner of Paonia Bread Works, had invited Olivia to sell her sweet confections out of his bakery while her current storefront was unavailable #4FREE. As I interviewed Olivia, I learned about a beautiful partnership that existed between several Paonia business owners.

Paonia's small business owners realize the success of each other means the success of them all. They don't see each other as competition; instead, they see each other as opportunities for their community and ways to pay it forward to those that helped them navigate the hurdles of being a small business owner in a rural community. Paonia Bread Works’ support of Sugarfix Doughnuts was the last piece of the story that day, and why I am so pleased to share how Elevate Internet now shares in this partnership.

Humble Beginnings

When Chris Jacobson started Paonia Bread Works, he was delivering bread to his community on his bicycle. His dedication to local, organic, artisanal, and elemental products is the same passion that drives Elevate Internet to give to back to its community

I have been doing business most my adult life, and it is a unique circumstance to feel like a small business is developing and evolving with a larger company and to feel like we are really community partners. Through this and other collaborations over the years, Paonia Bread Works truly gets to feel like we are partnering with Elevate internet,” said Jacobson.

Partnerships like this drive home the importance of building a fiber network to the rural community members we serve.

What's In It For You?

Not only is Elevate providing Paonia’s local businesses and residents with the fastest internet connection around, like the small business network of Paonia, we are paying it forward to our community partners. Starting today, Elevate Internet will be buying all parties their first drip coffee and bagel of the morning (while supplies last). This is our way to engage and support other local businesses and say THANK YOU to a community that has avidly supported us for the last five years!

Your Ticket to a FREE daily drip coffee and bagel, paid for by your community partner, Elevate Internet!

Free Coffee and Bagel graphic

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