Bringing Fiber to Large Rural Areas

May 17, 2019

Find out what Elevate Internet is doing to bring fiber to Large Rural Areas

Elevate in Large Rural Zones, Community Question:

Elevate says they are doing what other investors owned internet service providers have not by bringing high-speed internet to rural Western Colorado. So what is Elevate doing about large rural zones that don't seem to be even inching towards their preregistration goals?

Cobble Creek has it, why doesn't Delta 175, Pea Green 128, Crawford 57, or Cedaredge 124? Feels like those in desperate need for an internet solution are still being left out despite Elevate's claims. 

Elevate Answer:

As many of you are painfully aware, the rural farming zones that make up much of our territory and neighborhoods are painfully hard to get to preregistration goals. 

At times, it may seem like no progress is being made. So we want to let everyone know what we are doing for our rural zones.

Conventional lenders will not loan Elevate money for zones we can not prove have interest in our products. Thus, the preregistration process is absolutely necessary (unless anyone who is independently wealthy wants to foot the bill. Anyone??)

Anyway, because of these lending requirements and our fiduciary responsibility to protect the future of Elevate, public funding is absolutely paramount for these zones. 

In accordance with the grant funding importance to rural zones, we have dedicated an entire team to securing state and federal grant funding for these zones. We have made the largest rural zones our very 1st priority for grant applications. We too know that these zones are terribly underserved, and that is why we are routinely submitting these zones/subzones with every grant period.

So even though not everyone can see these efforts, we are giving it all we've got in order to bring high-speed internet to our neighbors, friends, family members and most of us right here in the office.

Community Support is vital to receive grant funding. If you would like to see your zone awarded grant funding next- fill out your comments here-

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