Sugar Fix Doughnuts, Paonia

March 22, 2019

Doughnuts, Bagels, Beer, and Tacos. No this isn’t a story about the munchies…

What started out as a celebration of a delicious doughnutry in Paonia turned into an inspirational story of a group of entrepreneurs working together to better their community.
Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of Sugar Fix Doughnuts, Olivia King. She described the story of Sugar Fix as one of GRACE, FRIENDSHIP, and GENEROSITY. Indeed, her story showcased an entire community of people coming together to support the folks they do life with.

Olivia didn’t start Sugar Fix Doughnuts on a whim, but it also wasn’t born out of some fond childhood memory either. While exploring creative work outlets, a friend suggested she explore doughnuts as an opportunity in the community. And who doesn’t love doughnuts? She decided to quit her job and start experimenting on her own.

Originally, Sugar Fix was planned to be a food truck. So, fully expecting rejection, Olivia approached the owner of a popular local food truck for advice and mentorship. Instead of rejection, Taco Bliss owner, Ed Vaughn, turned with a great big smile on his face and gave her his card. During Sugar Fix Doughnuts’ origination, Olivia was able to lean on Ed’s experience and schooling for free as often as she needed.

(Ed and daughter, Katie, run Taco Bliss using seasonal, local, organic, and homegrown ingredients. It’s clear they’ve done this before because everything is killer. We might suggest you try the carnitas taco, complete with sweet chili sauce and pickled watermelon, yum!)

Sugar Fix Doughnuts made its debut on a beautiful day of 10° in November under a borrowed tent, thanks to First Fruits Organic Farms. The low temperatures made the first couple months extra brutal. However, it wasn’t long until community members, Mike and Gretchen King, then owners of Revolution Brewing, took notice of Olivia’s frigid situation and handed her the keys to sell her doughnuts there for free.

When Mike and Gretchen sold their brewery, Olivia could have easily been again slanging doughnuts under a borrowed tent, but not in this community.

Olivia’s friend and Paonia Bread Works owner, Chris Jacobson, offered his bakery storefront for as long as needed (#4Free). And the new brewery owners? Well, they were just fine allowing Olivia to continue bringing donut joy to the community from their storefront soon as renovations were completed.

Sugar Fix Doughnuts are for sale every Tuesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. until sold out. You can find her at Paonia United Brewing Co. on Grand. She sports a variety of scrumpdilliumptious flavors including Baked-Orange Cranberry, Sugar, Dark Chocolate Ganache with Sprinkles, Brown Butter Coconut Pecan, Old Fashion, Lavender Honey, and a seasonal fruit (local of course).

Boy, did we have a wonderfully tasty time in Elevate Internet zone Paonia 45/55! This community has #TrueGrit, and we definitely saw the grace, friendship, and generosity that Olivia described. 

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