CES 2023: Let's Talk Gadgets

March 20, 2023

We go over our ten favorite announcements from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.

BWM i Vision Dee
Source: BWM

BMW’s Color-Changing Car

BMW showcased a stunning new concept car this year. The BMW i Vision Dee features a groundbreaking e-ink wrap, allowing it to change between 32 colors on the fly. With “phygital” features, the vehicle boasts a color heads-up display across the windshield, dimmable windows displaying hi-resolution graphics, and virtual switches that appear when needed. The ultra-minimalist interior and sleek exterior design make this innovative car a stunning fusion of art and technology.


L’Oréal, striving for cosmetic inclusivity, collaborated with Lancome to develop HAPTA, a handheld corrective device designed for individuals with motor skill impairments. HAPTA functions like a gimbal, steadying lipstick application even when the user’s hand moves irregularly. This innovative device empowers those with tremors, multiple sclerosis, or similar conditions to enjoy beauty products with confidence and ease.

LG Zero Connect
Source: LG

LG Zero Connect

LG’s OLED M3 TV showcases the revolutionary “Zero Connect” wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for wires while maintaining exceptional picture quality. With an external box housing all necessary HDMI connections and media players, it wirelessly transmits 4K 120Hz video to the screen from up to 30 feet away. This groundbreaking update demonstrates LG’s commitment to delivering top-notch performance without compromising convenience or aesthetics.

Gaming Laptops

Intel and Nvidia’s power management and GPU performance advancements are revolutionizing high-end gaming laptops showcased at this year’s CES. These laptops offer improved battery life, better performance, and cooler surface temperatures, even during demanding gaming sessions. Brands like Asus, Acer, and Razer are pushing the boundaries, fitting high-end graphics into compact 14-inch notebooks or creating powerful 18-inch behemoths, redefining the gaming laptop experience. Now all you need is an internet connection that can keep up with your intense online gaming sessions, and Elevate just so happens to deliver the best internet for gaming.

RAM Revolution
Source: RAM

RAM 1500 Revolution

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept, showcased at CES 2023, is a cutting-edge electric pickup truck with a sleek design and innovative features. Equipped with dual-motor AWD, four-wheel steering, and AI assistants, this concept also introduces a unique Shadow Mode that enables the truck to follow its driver at a safe distance, ideal for job sites. While the concept won’t enter production, it sets the stage for the upcoming 2024 Ram 1500 EV, promising a new era of electric trucks.

Withings U-SCAN

Withings revealed a unique product this year. The Withings U-Scan is a health monitoring device designed to be placed inside your toilet bowl. It analyzes your urine to provide insights on menstrual health, nutrition, and metabolic information. Simply use the toilet as usual, and the device sends the data to your phone for easy tracking.

Ring Car Cam
Source: Ring

Ring Car Cam

Ring introduced its innovative Car Cam, a dual-camera security system for your vehicle that records inside and outside while on the go. Easily activated with voice commands like “Alexa, record,” it stores clips locally and uploads them to your home’s Wi-Fi for easy access through the Ring app. The Ring Car Cam is the perfect addition to your driving experience and offers extra peace of mind on the road.

Playstation VR2

Sony showcased its highly anticipated PS VR2, featuring a stunning OLED HDR panel and a significant resolution upgrade of 2,000 x 2040 per eye. The headset also boasts eye-tracking capabilities and newly redesigned controllers for a more immersive experience. Launching on February 22, 2023, the PS VR2 is set to be a game-changer for PS5 gamers interested in virtual reality.

Sony Project Leonardo
Source: Sony

Sony Project Leonardo

Project Leonardo is a special gaming controller made by Sony designed for players with limited mobility. It works seamlessly with PlayStation 5 and lets users customize buttons and settings to suit their needs. Created with the help of AbleGamers and SpecialEffect, this unique controller promises to make gaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Matter stole the show at CES 2023, as big tech names like Google, Apple, and Amazon teamed up to make smart homes easier to use. With Matter, different smart home gadgets can now work together, regardless of the brand. Adopting Matter means people can enjoy the latest smart devices without worrying if they’ll play well with their existing setups.

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