Powering Local: San Juan Brews

August 17, 2021

As Coloradoans, we are known for a few things, including our love for craft beverages. It seems there is a coffee shop or brewery on every corner to quench our thirst for caffeine or hops. And it just so happens that San Juan Brews serves both, a destination any native will find themselves going back to again and again.

Personal Touch

When we sat down with the owners of San Juan Brews, John and Davina Pope and Kevin and Chelsea McHugh, we heard one unified reason for why they exist. They wanted to create a community gathering place and what better way to do it than with America’s two favorite brews- coffee and beer. With this vision, San Juan Brews sought to create a comfortable place for everyone from morning commuters to police officers, teachers, students, teleworkers, and tourists to socialize. They envisioned a place where folks could wake up with a coffee and a Zoom call or wind down with a board game and a beer. Within the first week of their opening their doors they helped bring a sense of community back to Montrose post-pandemic – during working hours there was a computer at every table (power by Elevate Internet’s powerful 1 Gig WiFi! #shamelessplug) and every evening wrapped up without a single empty barstool.

Davina credits their upstart success to their personal touches. She prides her morning coffee bar staff on knowing your name, your order, and personal preferences. In addition, Davina’s daily dose of God’s Word has proven to provide strength and inspiration to many of the people they serve.

Community Orientation

The second aspect of Davina, John, Chelsea, and Kevin’s shared vision is their commitment to serving our community. They celebrate and support this deep love of people with programs like Buy a Cup Give a Cup and Token Tuesdays.

Having opened their mobile coffee truck doors just weeks before the national pandemic, John and Davina immediately found a way to support essential workers including our nurses, first responders, and police officers. Through their Buy a Cup Give a Cup program they were able to serve hot coffee to hundreds of the folks working tirelessly to keep our community healthy.

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, they have found another way to give back to their community with Token Tuesdays. Each couple picks a charity of choice and for every 20 oz., drink of choice sold, patrons get a token to deposit into one of those charity’s boxes. At the end of the quarter, San Juan Brews matches token for dollar to support these charities within our community.

San Juan Brews doesn’t see other business owners as competition, but rather, as partners and opportunities to unite the community and local business. They see opportunities for collaboration to create unique experiences in our community by partnering with local roasters (shameless plug for Cimarron Roasters, which supplies their daily espresso needs with the full-bodied and delicious Courthouse Blend), food trucks, and other small business owners.

In these ways and many more, San Juan Brews proves that they are not just here to serve coffee and beer, they are here to serve people and the community they love.

Now, go have a drink on us!!

At San Juan Brews you are more than just a number, you are their essence, their friends and community members. And in honor of this shared vision for service to their community, Elevate is picking up the first craft brew on your tab while supplies (aka $$$) last. Next time you are enjoying your favorite draft beer or coffee brew, show this cobranded graphic below and your first round is on us, your favorite local internet provider, Elevate!

Elevate Internet is buying your next craft brew at San Juan Brews with this graphic

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