The Colorado Yurt Company, Montrose

March 22, 2019

Even Yurts Need Elevate Internet

The Colorado Yurt Company started back before the internet was a thing and Steve Jobs was still building the first personal computer in his parents’ garage. So, by default, in 1976 the Colorado Yurt Company started out as a traditional mail order company with regular features in prominent magazines like Mother Earth News

What began for owners, Dan and Emma Kigar, as an alternative way of living, then a hobby, has since evolved into a renowned international tipi, tent, and yurt manufacturer.

In 1994, Dan and Emma moved their growing business from Breckenridge to the beautiful Western Slope where it has remained since. Speaking about owning a yurt company in Montrose, Dan said, “Montrose has been a great community to do business in,” citing Montrose economic development initiatives and a hard-working crew of 48 now!

Colorful Colorado is still one of their largest markets. About half of their inventory is sold to individuals seeking an alternative way of living and half to businesses that specialize in glamping. However, they ship all over the world including Mongolia, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.

Glamping has become a large part of their business. Customers who list on services like Glamping HubAirbnb, VRBO, Hipcamp, and HomeAwayare just a few on the ever-growing list of tourism centered businesses stocking Colorado Yurt Company inventory. Emma credited the growing excitement for the ‘experience of the stay’ as one of the reasons they have seen a growth in this industry.

Among some of the local tourist sites that boast Colorado Yurt tipis are the Ute Indian Museum and Museum of the Mountain West, both of Montrose.

Their alternative living solutions can be found around the world in national parks, destination vacation areas, farms, ranches, breweries, music festivals, and even a restaurant. Costing between 10k-30k, they are an attractive option for those looking to opt out of the modern living scenario or a 30-year mortgage. They make five different sizes and all are engineered structures meant to be able to withstand wind and snow loads.

Oh, and the Colorado Yurt Company is rocking Elevate Internet and totally loving it!

“We take orders for yurts, tipis, and tents and ship them all over the world. So, when we pick up the phone or send an email, it’s really important that we have reliable and fast service. Our website and phones are Colorado Yurt Company’s front door for most of our customers. We’re thrilled to be connected to Elevate for both our internet and our phones.

Although we’ve only been connected a week, we’re very pleased with the speed of the connection and the clarity of the phone calls.
Just yesterday, we lost internet. Elevate customer support was exceptional. Very early in the call, it was clear that the issue was NOT the Elevate signal. The connection was coming into our building strong but was not reaching our desktops. The tech took the time to ask a lot of questions, and correctly diagnosed the issue as a failure in a piece of our hardware (our network switch). Incredible customer service on his part.”

Ivy H Fife
Marketing Manager
Colorado Yurt Company

Thanks for the kind words, Ivy. We are proud to be able to support an environmentally responsible and Colorado proud company such as the Colorado Yurt Company!

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